Silicone bath facilities

For ‘Silicon Bath ©’ created by Global Heart for health salon, use sauna-like equipment using bedrock with 68% silicon content. However, when using the customer, clothes are left as it is, the temperature is about 15 minutes as much as body temperature, and there is little perspiration, so it is not a general high temperature steam sauna. (Therefore, notification related to bathing business is not necessary.)

Also, if you use a phase contrast microscope that can clearly see microorganisms etc. clearly, your users themselves can understand the state of the blood collected very easily in front of and behind the “silicon bath ©” By comparing in the place, the influence on the human body can be clearly confirmed.

The contract for the franchise is an initial cost of 4,320,000 yen and a machine lease monthly amount of 4 ten thousand yen for seven years and individuals who are over 25 years old are accepted as well as corporations.