Established in 2000 (2000), Global Heart Co., Ltd. was established as a company specializing in system design and investment education of Japanese version 401k (DC, defined contribution pension). In times when the declining birthrate and the aging of society rapidly progress and the economic growth rate is expected to continue to be in a low-level stable state, Japanese citizens must prepare to become an era that can not be relied upon by the country or business, I was forced to consider seriously consider making their own retirement pension assets at their own risk and have to carry out.
Therefore, we quickly worked on the defined contribution pension system which was established in 2001 and started the business of transitioning the company’s retirement benefit system and investment education of the defined contribution company pension. Currently, we build a new know-how on accumulation of business for 16 years, and in this industry we are striving to provide services for companies and individuals as an unparalleled existence.

However, given the problems of Japan’s population composition, medical problems, economic growth rate, disparity society, etc., I have great doubts that the country will maintain a sufficient pension system and the most important thing from now on is ” I was thinking that it would be lively spending the lifetime “, Heisei 20 (2013), there was a meeting with Doctor of Engineering at Tohoku University where my hometown was from the same Kagoshima.
Using this encounter, we have started “research on human health” through silicon, and have promoted commercialization.

From this time on, at Global Heart, we continued our corporate pension business and promoted silicon research activities. In June 2014, I entrusted the famous research institution “Anti-Cancer Japan” in cancer research and exceeded the anticancer effect of silicon. As a research result of a specialized company over the course of three months, the conclusion of Toshio Kobayashi, president and president of Japan corporation, famous as the world’s leading expert and anticancer drug researcher, said ” It is an opinion that “it will be recognized.” In the final report “Although it showed no direct anticancer effect on the tumor mass, it showed an inhibitory effect on metastasis.The inhibitory effect of metastasis was not shown directly without showing the anticancer effect so far “The medicine shown has not been found.” It was advised that “Market size is worth 20 billion yen and it is better to start patent acquisition procedure as soon as possible”. The patent application was filed on October 28, 2014, “patent registration” was completed on November 19, 2017.

As a result of the efforts towards the silicon business, Global Heart pursued research on silicon and development of silicon products as a “research and development type company”, as a result of establishing its own “silicon bath system” and acquiring a trademark “silicon bath” It was. In addition, we will operate our own company’s silicon bath salon, and will expand its know-how to FC and expand “Silicon bath system” nationwide. Today, we borrow the ruins of the meal service center of the former elementary school in Sono-shi, Kagoshima prefecture, and use it as the development base of silicon products.

For four years from 2013, as a “research and development enterprise” of silicon, I was devoted to research and patent rights relations and silicon commodity development, raised funds through capital increase and private offering funds, finally I could reach here It is the warm heart and support of all of you, including shareholders. In the future we will recruit new cooperative shareholders in our business, make maximum use of patents, create a base for new health industry that can contribute to society, shareholders and employees ” Infrastructure Business “will be promoted.

Also, in the process of research on silicon, we were analyzing corals that are indispensable to conservation of marine organisms and the global environment, and as a result we found that corals have 98.7% calcium and 1.3% silicon We found out that silicon is an indispensable element for the production and maintenance of coral, and we were considering conservation. In July 2017, we entered into a company named Amusa Japan Co., Ltd., which is engaged in marine services business It was decided that we will deeply resonate with the future prospects of the marine business and proceed with business as a joint venture. Amusa Japan Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading companies developing submersibles, and its technical capability is proved to be a group of engineers who manufactured and developed “Deep Sea 6500” in Japan. Global Heart works in cooperation with Amusa Japan, and we will develop various marine business in the future.

Finally, we will continue to develop the marine business business while focusing on the infrastructure business of the health industry, and also the corporate pension business in the future. Also, as a company contributing to society at Global Heart, we will raise the name recognition, procure funds from the market, disclose the shares to create a health industry nationwide, and prepare for the listing of shares in FY 2018 . Normally, in the case of an existing operating company, we are listed on Mothers or Jasdaq, but we have no listing standards as “research and development type enterprises”, and the period from listing application to listing approval is 10 business days “TOKYO PRO Market” In view,
I will proceed with the procedure.

We would like to ask for your continuous support in the future.

Luckyday November 2017
Global Heart Co., Ltd.
CEO Hiromi Masuda